Direct messaging

Accelerate connectivity and transition to improved patient information exchange

Fax continues to be the most common way to exchange patient information in the Healthcare industry. Paper-based fax presents many challenges for healthcare organizations, including limited connectivity, increased costs and slow care coordination. Direct messaging is now emerging as an alternative form of secure and interoperable data exchange between providers.

Meaningful connectivity starts with OpenText™ RightFax™ Healthcare Direct. Leveraging the most trusted and connected digital fax server in healthcare, OpenText™ RightFax™, RightFax Healthcare Direct sends and receives content via fax or Direct messages, connects the care team and accelerates interoperability.

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What is Direct messaging?

Direct messaging is a specific type of secure email used in U.S. healthcare and is designed to exchange patient health information between care providers across different electronic health record (EHR) applications and networks.

Direct messaging is an important step in progressing towards interoperable information exchange between disparate providers. Secure, encrypted and HIPAA-compliant, Direct messages are authenticated and encrypted to ensure sensitive data is sent and received by authorized parties only.

OpenText RightFax Healthcare Direct overview

RightFax is the first fax solution to enable Direct-compliant electronic communications between providers. Leveraging the RightFax infrastructure, RightFax Healthcare Direct provides fax-to-Direct message conversion.

With RightFax Healthcare Direct, health systems can seamlessly transition to modern, secure and interoperable exchange of patient documentation, with limited changes to their current processes.

OpenText RightFax Healthcare Direct features

Convert outbound faxes to Direct messages

Turns outbound faxes, unstructured documents, into structured Direct messages, enabling seamless record inclusion into the patient’s chart.

Rich integration for EHR-agnostic content exchange

Delivers any type of document, wrapped in a structured format, to and from any EHR system. RightFax offers more pre-built integrations than any fax server on the market.

Automatic Direct address lookup

Creates and sends a Direct message automatically when RightFax finds a Direct address associated with the sender’s fax number in a national network directory. If no Direct address is found, the content is sent as a secure fax.

Provider engagement tools

Tackles rollouts to broad communities, starting with data-driven analytics that identify the providers with whom an organization exchanges the highest fax volume to quickly transition them to interoperable document exchange.

Pre-built multi-function printer connectors

Exchanges Direct messages with pre-built connectors for multi-function printers (MFP), including Ricoh®, Konica Minolta® and Xerox® devices. These connectors provide fax-to-Direct conversion for outbound transmissions when sending from the MFP device.

OpenText RightFax Healthcare Direct benefits

Reduce risk and improve patient care

Provide and access documents in realtime at the point of care with interoperable Direct messages.

Achieve connectivity and improve care coordination

Enhance continuity of care for patients, resulting in safer transitions of care and improved patient outcomes.

Improve processes and staff efficiency

Transition to better forms of electronic exchange with a reduction of inefficient fax and paper management, freeing time for patient care.

Reduce cost

Leverage an all-in-one platform for fax and Direct messaging and avoid using point-solutions that drive up total cost of ownership.

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