Health information privacy and security

Strengthen the privacy and security of health information with a data management platform that protects data at its source

Cloud services, mobile devices, IoT, electronic records and many new technologies can enable health professionals to enhance care, but this digitization can also complicate protecting sensitive patient data.

The OpenText™ Alloy™ for Healthcare portfolio of cloud-based solutions and best practices support health information privacy and security, whether data is in motion or at rest. Combined with consulting and professional services, OpenText experts help health systems meet and exceed compliance requirements for data privacy and security.

What is health information privacy and security?

Health information privacy and security regulations protect patient information. Misused Personal Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can have devastating effects on patients and their families. In the wrong hands, PHI and PII such as social security numbers, birth dates and Medicare numbers can put patient financials at risk, stimulate Medicare fraud and more.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules are Federal laws designed to protect patient data. They set the guidelines and mandates for protecting data and applying penalties when that data is mishandled. These rules require health systems and other Covered Entities to be vigilant in managing patient and even financial data.

OpenText Alloy for Healthcare overview

Alloy for Healthcare solutions enable cloud and on-premises application and data integration, including connecting, capturing, transmitting and sharing highly-sensitive patient data.

OpenText solutions are designed to safeguard all sensitive data, at rest or in transit. The solutions integrate with an organization’s data governance system to ensure data is accessed only by those who are approved. OpenText also includes a unique hybrid tokenization solution that helps protect credit card data that also flows regularly across health systems.

OpenText Alloy for Healthcare features

Built-in compliance and security

Enables compliance across the people, processes and technology used to handle and manage sensitive data using secure protocols.

HIPAA/HITECH adherence

Protects sensitive patient and clinical data securely and compliantly across the platform to prevent data breaches, including those that involve unencrypted PHI.

PII protection (including U.S. State Breach Laws)

Secures PII at its source, whether stored or in use, and ensures compliance with even the most complex individual U.S. state data breach legislation.

PCI-DSS protection

Leverages OpenText data tokenization to achieve and maintain payment card compliance and protection in healthcare.

OpenText Alloy for Healthcare benefits

Improve privacy and security of health information

Reduce compliance burden and risk with a comprehensive, integrated approach to securing data, people, processes and applications.

Ensure end-to-end data compliance

Reduce overhead with built-in data compliance that dynamically expands to meet needs and ensure data security and compliance to support patient, personal and financial data.

Streamline processes

Benefit from OpenText Managed Services experts to help manage data compliance and security. Focus on delivering excellent care, not keeping pace with data security regulations.

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